Jiu Jitsu
This class teaches throws, releases, and takedowns. Taught by a certified 8th Dan Champion Jiu Jitsu instructor.
Tang Soo Do

We offer many classes in Tang Soo Do for ages 5 and up. There are many benefits for all students who take karate.
Some of them are:
Self Confidence: All students at Mountain Karate Academy are treated in a friendly and respectful manner. There is
no teasing or ridiculing. Everyone is welcome. Our students are taught to teach what they have learned and to help
one another. Many new friendships have formed in our classes.
Focus: Students at Mountain Karate are expected to be respectful and pay attention to the instructor when he or she
speaks. They are taught how to focus on the task at hand.
Fitness: Students will train hard and  achieve exceptional physical fitness. Karate is a year round sport, and the
physical conditioning will become a way of life for the student, not just an "activity" they participate in for a few
months a year.
Leadership: As the student progresses through the belts, he or she will be given more responsibility to lead and
teach. Upper belts assist new students by helping them feel welcome and learn the techniques. The benefits of this
are twofold: it makes and new student feel welcome, and it helps the upper belt to feel self confident.
In addition, the student will learn Self defense, which will protect him or her from danger, Perseverance, Integrity,
Respect, Discipline, Concentration, Values, and a Positive attitude. Plus, you will see an improvement in grades in
school age students!
ADULT KARATE (13 and up)
Our adult students are taught a variety of techniques from Tae Kwon Do.  Tang Soo Do, and Jiu Jitsu. The class is open to all ages over 15, and all skill
levels. Our adults have a great time learning the martial arts and conditioning their minds and bodies.
(3-5 year olds) Little Dragons

Mountain Karate Academy has developed special programs for young children and we would
like to invite you to attend a free introductory class.
There are distinct advantages for your child when he or she learns the martial arts. We will
teach your child motor skill coordination, with precise movements that will increase his or her
balance and hand-eye coordination. In addition to learning kicks, blocks, and punches, we also
play games that will help them develop in many ways. Growing children need proper exercise
for their muscles and bones to develop strength and agility. We do stretching, bending, and
other muscle building movements. The Sa bu Nim (instructor) will lead them step by step.

Just a few skills we will teach your child are:

1. Focus                                5. Balance
2. Teamwork                         6. Memory
3. Coordination                    7. Discipline
4. Fitness                              8. Control
(7-14 years old, white and orange belts only)

This class is designed for children who are just beginning in belt advancement classes. This is a great class for kids who are
new to the school and want a class where they can learn the basics along with other beginners.
Birthday Parties at Mountain Karate Academy

Let us host your child's next birthday party!
Up to 30 guests at no extra charge!  

Basic Package: 2 hours of karate
instruction, games, and drills for your
party guests. $175
Mountain Karate Academy has an incentives program
that rewards good behavior and accomplishments.
Students will earn stars and chevrons to be displayed
on their uniforms as they achieve various goals, such
as academic excellence, karate related leadership,
community service, etc. Children are recognized for
good behavior, which encourages more of the same!
We offer a 4 week self defense program at our facility, or we can come to you! Learn how to "stun and run"!
New techniques are being introduced all the time, including pressure points, knife defenses, easy takedowns, defenses and attacks, all in four one-hour lessons. Self
Defense students are always welcome to come back for a refresher at no extra charge!
Young Beginners
This class is designed for the 5-7 year old who is just beginning belt advancement. Children who are promoted from kinderkarate will also find this class to
be a great foundation and friendly place to build a solid martial arts foundation. All the values and skills taught in Kinderkarate will be reinforced, along with
the techniques needed for Korean Karate Belt advancement.
Mixed Karate: Kids and Adults
These classes are for everyone! All belts, all ages. Those who are in other classes are encouraged to also attend a mixed class to train alongside those who outrank
them and also assist those who are beginners in their martial arts journey.
Parents, give us six months, and we guarantee you will see a
change in your child!