Belt Rankings
Belt Ranking is important,
especially to children.
The benefits are plentiful:

Self esteem
Goal Setting
Good Grades
Great for future
A black belt is a white
belt who never quit
Tang Soo Do
1. White Belt: Beginner, Purity. The seed that lies beneath the purity of white
2. Orange Belt: Represents growth in Spring
3. Green Belt: Speedy development in the beginning of Summer
4. Brown Belt: Represents power and Wisdom
5. Red Belt: Represents blood, life, energy. Students at this stage begin to
develop necessary skills and power. This is the beginning of Fall.
6. Dark Blue Belt: (Cho Dan Bo) This represents maturity, respect.
Preparation of necessary mind, body, and spirit for black belt
7. Black Belt: The final stage of the cycle. Shows mastery, calmness, and
dedication. Shows the end of one stage and the beginning of a new one.